Man with Cotard’s ‘Walking Corpse Syndrome’ convinced he is dead, hangs out at graveyard


A man suffering from a rare brain disorder was so convinced he was a zombie that he would hang out in graveyards to be close to death.

Some people with the condition even starve to death, convinced they don’t need to eat. Others have tried to get rid of their body with acid, convinced they don’t need it anymore, the New Scientist reports. It is linked to depression and affects just a few hundred people, doctors believe.

“It’s hard to explain. I just felt like my brain didn’t exist anymore,” Graham said.

“When I was in hospital I kept on telling them that tablets weren’t going to do me any good ’cause my brain was dead. I lost my sense of smell and taste. I didn’t need to eat, or speak, or do anything. I ended up spending time in the graveyard because that was the closest I could get to death.”


My reaction before and after reading this article were complete opposite. At first I was really surprised and i was like “wow that’s awesome” ( this was before I had read the article and I had just seen the title ). Now after reading the article, I am saddened by what has happened to this poor man. I can only imagine how his family must feel about this entire situation.

I sincerely hope that doctors are able to help this man recover and to be able to lead a normal life. To be able to love, feel, touch, and think are just a few of the gifts god has given us. To not be able to use any one of them is very saddening.

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