Hi.. My name is Kamal.. Im 23.. And this is my 1st blog.

Its gonna me about random things and i will occasionally post some of the poems that i write.

Ok so I just realized that people actually read the about page..  So i guess i should actually write something about me.

I’m a fun loving guy and i just like to enjoy life. I love to do all sorts of out door activities and pretty much just have a good time with friends.

But once in a while even i need my peace and quite.

I love to take a walk outside at like 11 pm when all the streets are deserted and there is a full moon. It just makes me relax and think about life.

I like to live life one day at a time. The future can’t be predicted and even if it was then it would no longer be the future. Plus it makes like more interesting if you don’t know what’s going to happen.

Yah, I really have no idea how to write an about page.. So i’m just rambling on and on..


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