Earn money with a Browsergame

Hi Community,
in this tutorial i will show you how to earn money with MarketGlory.
The Top player earn 1500€ in a week !!!

But what is Marketglory?
Market Glory is an economic, war, politics, and a market game.

MarketGlory – Register
You will have no disadvantages, if you register under my ref-link.

You can work 10x times a day and you will earn currency.
This is very important for beginners.
Every fight will take 10 minutes.

You can work every 24hours. Every times you work u will earn currency and your Productivity will grow and you will earn more. If you work 3times in 3 Days you will get a huge Bonus from your Country.

At the beginng you have 1 Engery (cant be lower).
If you buy Energy, you will earn more currency when you fight.
You can increase your Energy when you buy newspaper or milk,coffe, cheese, wine, clothes, house. But at a beginng you should buy newspaper and milk. But your Energy will be lower when you fight/work and your Energy will lower every hour. So you schould buy only if u want to fight/work.

5.So what to do after login in:

1. Log in
2. Buy 10 newspaper 
(Atfer 10 newspaper a day you will not get any energy, so only buy 10 newspaper a day)
3. Go to “Fight” -> “Referal Fight”. Do that 10x times.
4. AFTER you worked 10x times go to Work -> Workplaces

Atfer a few days you will have enough currency to buy milk.
Milk will give you a huge energy bonus, that is very good!

So after a few days do that:1. Log in
2. Buy 10 newspaper 
3. Buy milk Markets -> Local Market -> Low Medium or High milk (Low 1 Energy, normal 3 Energy, High 5 Energy) So you should buy High milk, if you have enough currency. You can drink Milk every 24hour.
3. Go to “Fight” -> “Referal Fight”. Do that 10x times.
4. AFTER you worked 10x times go to Work -> Workplaces

6. So how to earn money now?
If you have enough currency go to Markets -> Financial Market.
You can buy Gold (~10 currency) and after u have 4-5 Gold you can buy 1€. You can withdraw when you have 20€. 

Hope you liked my tutorial, i hope you use my ref link since it takes so many time to write the tutorial for you guys. 

Non ref link: MarketGlory


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