Flying Cow POO

Are you a frequent flyer? Or are you someone that’s always wanted to fly on a plane?

The future of airplanes is about to change drastically so gear up and stay alert.. If you haven’t heard already, cow dung may soon be used as a substitute to aviation fuel.. So in other words.. You’ll be flying in a load of crap 😛


Airbus, a leading aircraft manufacturer, recently held a contest called  Fly Your Ideas. The idea to fuel a plane with cow dung was submitted by the Australian Team CliMA in the engineering students’ competition.

The jet is fueled by methane generated from farmyard waste stored in refrigerated pods next to the plane’s engines.


Cattle waste is already used in the US to fuel farm vehicles. Manure is stored in tanks where powerful methane gas is trapped to generate fuel. One cow can produce up to 30 gallons of manure a day — potentially generating up to 70 gallons of fuel a year. A 3,500-mile flight from London to New York uses around 17,500 gallons of fuel — which would take 1,000 cows three months to produce.


For all you environmentalists out there: the CLiMA team estimates that the gassy solution could cut CO2 emissions by up to 97 per cent.

I’m guessing its time for you guys to all go party or something.  🙂


One thought on “Flying Cow POO

  1. Great progress. Alot of cows, BUT we do HAVE alot of them anyway. continued work will make this and other types of fuel efficient processes alot more economical to use – which I think is most peoples concern at this point.

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