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  • Sushi restaurant drones called the iTray waiter service delivers food to diners while hovering in the air.

    The iTray sushi restaurant drones are being introduced at Japanese restaurant YO! Sushi. The flagship Poland Street restaurant in London, England will be the first restaurant location to feature the iTray drone system.

    The top speed of the iTray sushi restaurant drone is 25 mph, although videos show it going much slower and careful. This is probably because they don’t want to hit a customer or accidentally drop something really hot on someone. That could lead to a court case 😛

    Having a robot fly your food to you does seem pretty good.. But seriously.. Is it necessary??

    If you watch the video you can clearly see that the waiter is standing right there. They just deliver your food and get it over with.

    Since the iTray is delivering the food.. Do we have to tip?

    But you have to wonder about the future of waiters and waitresses if a newer version of an iTray comes with artificial intelligence good enough to fly itself to a customer’s table.

    Will this be the future or is this just a passing trend? Would you want your food delivered by a iTray sushi restaurant drone?

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