Differences Between Indian and American Schools and Colleges – a Students Perspective Completely

Have any of you ever wanted to study in a foreign country? Have any of you wanted to take part in a student exchange program? Well then i suggest you do.

There are many places that you can go to as part of a student exchange program. I decided that I wanted to go to India to study Computer Science Engineering. What I expected and what actually happened were a big shock to me. The entire teaching style in USA and in India are completely different. In USA the school system focuses on more practical knowledge, while in India they focus on theory. In USA we had to study and then immediately following that we were allowed to implement everything that we had just learnt. In India however its completely different. The teachers give you a textbook and pretty much just tell you to memorize it. Once you’ve memorized it ( which takes the entire semester ) they give you a test on it, in which you have to pretty much write the entire textbook word for word. I don’t know about you but i definitely don’t have photographic memory. At the starting of the year in India, all the students were reserved. The girls all sat on one side of the room and the guys sat on the other. I was shocked at this sight when I first walked into the class room. However, this is something that i got used to while staying here. In India the people are a lot closer and will treat you with much more respect. If you know the local language then you’ll definitely have a lot of fun, but if you don’t then you can still have fun talking in English (which is what most of the girls talk in).

The grading system here is also very different. In USA we have the grading system up to 4.0. Here in
India we have it up to 10.0. The Indians here are very competitive. Everyone here just tries solely to
become the number one student in college. Grades mean everything in India. If you don’t achieve a
certain grade then the people will treat you as if your a nobody. This sort of mentality is surprising at
the starting but over time you get used to it.

If you have friends in India then you will definitely have the time of your life. The friendships in India
have much more meaning then the ones in USA. The people here are so sweet and caring. You can
have so much fun in India as long as you stay withing the limits of society.

I’ve had a lot of fun here and also learnt a lot of valuable information. Before moving to India as part of the student exchange program, I did 1 year of college in USA. I’ve also been to Italy and Spain as well on student exchange programs when i was in high school.

Back in my 2nd year of college, we had an Industrial Tour. The Industrial Tour is supposed to be a time where students can go and see the companies up close and see how they function. However, that is not how my Industrial Tour went. It was pretty much a 2 week vacation to North India and we did not go to any Industries.

On the Industrial Tour we went to the Himalayas, the Taj Mahal, Delhi and many other locations. If not for the Industrial Tour, I would have never visited these places. After visiting these places, I can tell you for sure, these are some of the places that you have to visit before you die.

Just last month i have finished my college education here in India. There many pros as well as cons to studying here. I will list the pro first and then the cons.


1. I got to experience a different culture and this experience made me grow more mature. Along with this, most companies when hiring will take into consideration if you have experience with another culture and this may in fact give you the boost that you need.

2. Moving to a new location requires that you talk to strangers. This definitely builds up your confidence levels and by the end of it you feel like you have enough confidence to take on the entire world.

3. The friendships that you make in India will be lifelong. The people here in India value friendship much more then the people of USA. This is just my opinion and I don’t intend to hurt anyone by it.


1. Since most of the people in India do not speak English, it is a little hard to communicate.

2. The quality of English speaking is very poor here. This sometimes results in you forgetting your own English.

3. India is always hot. Extremely hot. I keep the A.C machine here running almost 24/7. Unfortunately this results in an pretty expensive electric bill, but it is definitely worth it. The very first day i came here was in may. I literally felt like my skin was burning.

Even though the India has some negative aspects about it, I would say that this entire experience has been very worthwhile. I feel that as a person, I have grown very much. Thank You India.



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