Destiny rules the over the world. Some people say that destiny always rules the world. They strongly argue that whatever comes in one’s life is certainly determined by the destiny. We have to accept the destiny and its outcome. But, on the other hand some people are also there who try to change their destiny with hard work and determination. Hard work and determination can change the destiny to some extent. These two are asset with which one can change the path of destiny a greater extent. Hard work does the magic and strong determination in succeeding one’s goal. Reaching the sky is everyone’s destiny but only a few really work for the same and succeed in doing so.

It is interesting to know that the people still believe in changing their destiny without doing much effort. Effort should be done best possible way . Then, we can leave the rest to the destiny. The wonder can be felt in latter stages. Having a objective in one’s mind and determining the strategy with hard work and strong determination will certainly lead to a better successful path. There is no doubt about it. Some people also say that they are the makers of their own destiny. It is very interesting to know about their strong will power and their determination.

The time has come to show the world a new understanding towards destiny through hard work and determination. Everyone should try to do the same and leave the rest for the destiny. The probability of success will be around 90% and only 10% failure might be there. But leaving the fact to our destiny probability is 50% and 50% percent. It is less than the previous one.

Nothing is impossible and nothing can be achieved without effort. Try to put energy as much as you can with strong determination. The path of success will certainly lead us to a entire new world of freedom from the clutches of destiny.


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